Sunday, July 6, 2014

style changing?

for years, I've described my style (or style that i loved) as mix between everlasting clothes (like t-shirt, black skirt), vintaged inspired (vintage floral pattern, granny style dress), and a bit of what's in (any style that's in trend that i can pull off). but i would say i adore more to the vintage 20's until 60's. of course there's time when i loved 90's flanel and dr martens, and i still love that. i used to say that people who wear all black or white is not interesting at all, everyone can wear those colors (are they even colors?) and look good without putting much effort (i love to see people who dress up, i mean properly, with effort) and yet they said it's a very high style, or avantgarde (is that even right?). i don't like me being overdressed with layering (i hate layering) but minimalist, for me wasn't interesting at all. i liked wearing skater skirt and shirt and brogues or when it's cold i would wear sweater instead shirt and tights and jacket. a bit accessories an shoulder bag.
but since i'am currently studying on a pretty hardcore major, i feel like what i loved, like the patterns (floral, butterflies, etc) and the colors (earthy colors, pastels) aren't that functional to be worn everyday during school. so i tried to scroll more on simple minimalist style tumblr and blog and instagram. and i finally fall in love. of course not just t shirt and jeans and flip flop, i still wear some patterns. but i wear jeans all the time now, less wearing shorts and tights, i wear legging (which i hated) and oversized t shirts ( i used to think oversize is no no for petite like moi) and sometimes when i think i need something, like boyfriend jeans (i used to own one from flea market), knee length jeans, loose fitting trousers, i remember i owned those stuffs but hated them at that time (they are whether gifted or bought together with sisters). now that they're somewhere, i feel like i need to repurchase.

a bit what i wore lately. from kimono (yes a bit pattern, a bit trendy stuff, with my earthy colored shoes and shopper bag). and ripped jeans.

i agree that people can change their style during college. you won't see me buy floral dress often (last time i got one from UO last end summer) i still love it sooo much cause it is simple pattern. now, besides minimalist style, i'm trying to get one stuffs with awkward or weird pattern and i want to try if i like it or if it suit me.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

wishlists this month: & other stories pouches

first time i browsed or visited &otherstories online or stores, I was in love with their minimalistic yet unique shoes. I'm amazed how unique their pieces are yet still very simple. I haven't had a chance to get a pair even though i've been through couple sale season since i knew them. time went by and now i'm adoring their pouches. I feel, pouches are somehow very practical. I used to think "why do someone needs something like that?" but since I always carry around things like vouchers, cards, gums, lipbalm and a very huge bag, I feel like I need extra compartment. I'm planning to go to berlin next week after exam (that goes on until the end of july) to visit the store and get some other stuffs from retails i've been wanting probably since march. so here they are the pouches that i've been eyeing...

Friday, May 30, 2014

around february and march, I had the most strange mood ever. starting when I couldn't find a place at the pharmacy and kept searching and searching even though  I was scared. And I thought I could use the time I had to learn and even so, I didn't pass one simple test. I was mad at a friend an I was like a crazy. My Boyfriend helped then me with learning and thank God I passed.
He helped me to find the pharmacy as well but he was the one who pushed me to find one more time. at that time we had a fight cause I assumed that he couldn't understand my situation. at that time as well, my beloved Grandma passed away. So the next day after she's graved, I asked couple more pharmacy, until the end I was so hopeless and the last trial I was about to leave but decided to come back. and yeah, I did a month internship, which my other friends did for completely two months. I couldn't believe I did it for a month, but on the other hand, I wish I did try harder to get 2 months. I forgot to mention that my boyfriend moved away, and he told me right when I was busy searching pharmacies. and that made me even crazier.
after my birthday and stuffs things got better. my relationship with my friends at uni was at its best. But for some reasons at some points when I had to do double practical at lab, my mood was worse than roller coaster. my mom told me to take yoga class, my friend told me to see a psychologist. I got mad very mery easily and each time I couldn't show my anger, I can't breath or my body temperatur would be so high and it felt like I was about to faint.
there's a story when my dearest friend accidentally poured warm chocolate i bought earlier before the class onto my skirt and cellphone. I went home straightly without a word. it happened couple times with other friends. I knew that they might sick of me and I kept explaining. the dearest friend could understand and worried. but the other might now understand.
in this situation I keep trying to manage my anger. people do. I believe it's not  just me. but you know, when some people know about you and you try so hard to change or do something but they seem like not appreciating it. you can't complain but you're just sad...
I remember the first time I moved here and I told myself "never have a close friend or you'll be completely dependent on him/her". I'm on the term when I can't be alone anymore but I need some time to be alone, strangely, ironically, whatever-ly.
I think I'll be back to that time when my dearest friend is my blog and I can write whatever it is.
I'm so tired I need time to break, I miss my boyfriend, my family, my long lost friends. but i don't want to stop now. I want to continue what I've been doing passionately.

Friday, April 11, 2014

birthday post

it's almost a week since my birthday yet i'm still thrilled. i believe all of my birthday gifts are almost complete (i'm still waiting from you mom and sis! haha). an i'm soooo happy for all of them. i got only from my two closest friends and my boyfriend (and from my self of course) but it feels like the whole people i know gave me something.
like i said, i spent my birthday in dresden without my boyfriend but he was kind enough to get me present which is a rucksack from well i won't tell the brand. and the first person, who gave me present was this girl from berlin with arabic roots! she gave me a set of -brand wont be written- skin care and in dresden she treated me with ice cream and candle!
from my other closest friend who cooked korean food and invited my friends the night before he let me order from topshop, i feel like i don't want to tell what. but don't worry it's not a massive thing.
in dresden we ate in a canadian restaurant and my friend wouldn't let me pay for that. i told my mom what to do and she told me i should treat him next time. so i used my left money to buy more things -_-
i bought couple tops and sample candles. the body shop there sells yankee candle!!!
we went to of course, our favorite: zara! and i ended up got something from hollister (yeah laugh at me now), and mango, oh and face powder from drugstore.
the thing continued 'till the next day that all stores were opened in halle. so we ate ice cream and went grocery shopping. i went to drugstore once more and got my self bb cream cause mine is almost empty.
but yeah i'm 21 now and i feel like i'm old enough. i haven't achieved many things in life yet i lost so many things. after my grandmother passed away i promised my self to enjoy life like she did. she learned, prayed, worked, went shopping, all in the right portion. cause there was my birthday my two friends treated me over-nicely and let me choose where should we go or what should we eat and tell me every hour that it was my birthday that i should enjoy it.
so my birthday was very special despite the fact that i didn't spend it with family or boyfriend. since i won't fly back home this year i probably can go to indonesia next spring. which means i could celebrate my birthday there. or if not, i'll get visit from my boyfriend next time!