Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best and Worst 2014 and the 2015s Resolutions

Not many things happen in 2014. I decided not to blog too much, instead I've been tumblring like every minutes in my life. If you find my writing in this post is a bit weird, apart from my grammar, it's because i'm typing from my friends laptop and i'm not used to it. so without any long opening, let's get started.
Worst of 2014: I must say, the hardest part of the year is when my grandma passed away. she's almost everything to me. she left this world in the most beautiful way I've ever heard, if that even makes any sense. shame to say, before my grandma passed away I was in a great depression of searching internship place along with my failure of several "easy" exams where almost all students passed it except, well, me. I had been cutting before that which left me scars till now. I stopped doing that after crying for a night when my grandma died, then the day after I asked many more Pharmacies and I got the internship. I didn't remember any worst case than this. but maybe, breaking up with Hassan was a hard desicion too. We grew up together here lets say, we met when we couldn't speak much german, nor have many german and foreign friends.look at ourselves now that we can actually speak in german and having friends from various countries. It's not that long distance relationship is that hard. he moved out from Berlin to maybe the southest part of Germany. it took forever to get there. we decidedto break up for goo d. we remain friends 'till now. and, oh well, in the end of the year i lost my passion to study since all my friends mostly graduated from college this year.
Best of 2014: I dont know if it's best or worst but I didn't visit any new country this year, instead I visited Paris in October. I've been to Francebefore, Strasbourg to be exact.But I went to Paris to meet my dad, it was a very short trip, I'm glad that I met him. But I'll probably never want to travel alone anymore. I stopped buying craps. I dont even know what that means haha, I only buy things that I would wear. even though there was no spulrge like docmarts or so this year since I've been hauling on clothes. I tried to bake, it was november since I started to bake. I only failed in one subject and finished almost everxthing I have to finish this year in college. means, there's no reason for me to give up on school. seems there's not much to be proud of in 2014....
Resolutions: I wanna say I want to pray more regularly, reading quran as well and be more grateful. Study regularly and not seeing my friends as my rivals anymore. I can't make a wish to learn a new language even though I want to do so but I want to visit at least one new country, If not Netherland then Italy will do, or whatever country it might be. buying one "splurgy" pair of docmart or a bag. only one. I want to wear more make up, for myself. Iwant to take care of my skin more seriously.means Ineed to manage my money to afford them. I wish myself to be more flexible with people. I'm always that cold friend. oh well, seems like I dont have too many resolutions actually...
so hope you all have a great new year wherever you are

Monday, November 3, 2014

when was the last time you remember you live on your own opinion. not according what people say or people say not, what people do or do not, what people have or have not? i might had lived that way until i moved to foreign country. what people have achieved become my reference of what I should achieve next or now. until i forgot how it should be to have my own opinions and goals.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

postcard from Paris

I never thought I would visit Paris, without any plan. I did buy the ticket less than a week before which makes it very pricey. I was there to meet my father anyway. Paris was great, I surely am going to visit it once more without any hurry.

next stop: Amsterdam, maybe?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

style changing?

for years, I've described my style (or style that i loved) as mix between everlasting clothes (like t-shirt, black skirt), vintaged inspired (vintage floral pattern, granny style dress), and a bit of what's in (any style that's in trend that i can pull off). but i would say i adore more to the vintage 20's until 60's. of course there's time when i loved 90's flanel and dr martens, and i still love that. i used to say that people who wear all black or white is not interesting at all, everyone can wear those colors (are they even colors?) and look good without putting much effort (i love to see people who dress up, i mean properly, with effort) and yet they said it's a very high style, or avantgarde (is that even right?). i don't like me being overdressed with layering (i hate layering) but minimalist, for me wasn't interesting at all. i liked wearing skater skirt and shirt and brogues or when it's cold i would wear sweater instead shirt and tights and jacket. a bit accessories an shoulder bag.
but since i'am currently studying on a pretty hardcore major, i feel like what i loved, like the patterns (floral, butterflies, etc) and the colors (earthy colors, pastels) aren't that functional to be worn everyday during school. so i tried to scroll more on simple minimalist style tumblr and blog and instagram. and i finally fall in love. of course not just t shirt and jeans and flip flop, i still wear some patterns. but i wear jeans all the time now, less wearing shorts and tights, i wear legging (which i hated) and oversized t shirts ( i used to think oversize is no no for petite like moi) and sometimes when i think i need something, like boyfriend jeans (i used to own one from flea market), knee length jeans, loose fitting trousers, i remember i owned those stuffs but hated them at that time (they are whether gifted or bought together with sisters). now that they're somewhere, i feel like i need to repurchase.

a bit what i wore lately. from kimono (yes a bit pattern, a bit trendy stuff, with my earthy colored shoes and shopper bag). and ripped jeans.

i agree that people can change their style during college. you won't see me buy floral dress often (last time i got one from UO last end summer) i still love it sooo much cause it is simple pattern. now, besides minimalist style, i'm trying to get one stuffs with awkward or weird pattern and i want to try if i like it or if it suit me.